Friday, July 3, 2009

Heaven is a Halfpipe?

and so yesterday i mean on the july 2nd i was flying off to BB plaza, straight from the school. my aim: buy a new shoe to replace my current adidas for school.
new aim: buy a skateboard shoe.
newest aim: it will cost less than rm100
newest-est aim: buya book from Picoult called the Pact (have you ever heard about it? its great ;D)

in maths, 1/4 is considered big already, and yeah so i managed to fulfilled one 'big' aim for yesterday which is, it cost less than rm100. the so-called skateboard shoe turned out to be the slip on everLAST at LAST. and i just found out (pretend that i just found actually) that you can't get Picoult's book for rm10. and so yeah,, 1/4... special congratulationS to me ;D

anyway, my muru's extension class yesterday was also fascinating. id call it the extension class bcuz it is an extension from his last class and it actually extended to 4.20, which he aimed he could finished it at 4.oopm. well, at least mr muru can't fulfilled his aimed too, yesterday was the World's-Dont-Set-Your-Aim-Or-It-Wont-Get-Fulfilled-Day i guess.

got a lot of revision to do. im signing off. ;)

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