Monday, June 29, 2009

To the blue ribbon that ties the skies, with Love

"Here I Am, Everyday,
Since You Said, You'd Come Again,
But It's Not Fair, Cos You're Not Here,
I Wait In Vain, But Nothing Has Changed,

I'm A Flower, Soaking In The Rain,
If I Could Wish One Thing, I'd Hear You Call My Name,

So When Will I See Your Face Again,
When Will You Touch My Life Again (ohh yeah),
When Will I Breathe You In Again (ha),
I Think I Love Youuu...Will I See Your Face Again, "

i was supposed to post this thread about a few months ago, after you died. but then i postponed, cuz you know why? i thought i'd get over this and stop missing you. you always told me that i can be success, just like abah. its same tone, you'll say it everytime you meet me "belajar pandai-pandai, jadi macam abah kau"

but from you, here we are, its your hand that touches my hair a loong time ago, and can you see how it curls now nenek? its yr hand that shed my tears a long time ago. but now everytime i feel like wanted to cry, i refused to do so. why? because besides you and mom, theres no hand can shed the tears away like you do. maybe im afraid to cry? cuz i know i'd be left alone. Big boys dont cry? No, you never think thats's true.

i never count how many days has passed by since you've been gone. bcuz if the days were counted and multiplied by the power of 10, it will never equal to the weight of loving you and missing you, and it still here, i miss you so much.
who would've guessed that the day i took my school day off just to take care of you is the day for me to watch you go. God has a better planning. i managed to kiss your forehead bfore the helpless nurses took you away. well, i was the last to kiss you anyway.

i always told this to my closest person. in this world, my love for women can only be divided to four. 1 is for my mom, third is my sis, fourth is my future wife and second? second is YOU... do you know that? oh nenek, dont blame me for never telling you that.

i miss you. and i will reminisce my 17 years with you forever.

Till we meet again?


A dedication to my late grandma, Arwah Asiah bt. Busu.

"Here I Am, Everyday,
Since You Said, You'd Come Again,
But It's Not Fair, Cos You're Not Here,"

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