Saturday, June 20, 2009

Whats the best place to fall in love than in Paris?

Saturday, June 20th 2009

Essay: What I Learned Today

I learned today that struggle is life. Human needs dream to prove, to reach and they would call it destiny. And for me, a 19 year old SAB form 6 student, who got nothing at all, nothing that i could tell myself last night: wow i am so impressive,, to dream is not a crime.

For the moment in my yesteryears, i am trying to prove something, something that i know im worth for, esp in my studies. Without enough thrives, im waiting for the good results to rolling in like that, forgetting the wise man that says: nothing will comes easy.

Hey myself, give me time to prove. Give me time to realise my dream. Give me time to get to know myself better. And maybe Elham, we can both be there. To be there, gaining the scholarship, making my parents cry out in proud, be a student in Paris, holding the IR status one day, well, i know i will. And being there, is more than something to prove for, its a dedication to my supportive schoolmates, good friends, family, and most of all, my parents... not forgetting, my late grandmother, Arwah Nenek, i still love you, i still do miss you ;)

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