Thursday, May 28, 2009

Catalans vs Red Devils: my points of view

two words for the whole game: fuck it!
Barca just deserved to win, by means of possession, dribbling, crossing, teamwork, momentum to the finishing, Man U just lost it all..
only the forwards are looked determined to win... the rest?
what the hell do you think you're doing Park? Berba? Carrick?
this is the worst game of Man U...
seriously the 4-4-2 formation shud be maintain, so that the overlapping and movement will be easier,, just put Tevez/Berba with Rooney in the front row, Ronaldo as the left winger, that will cause a good interaction btwn Rooney and Ronaldo, and either Rooney and Ronaldo definitely gonna score...
Giggs? your free kick was hasted...
too much of offsides for Man U... one of the worst
shit, admit it, Man U are a lot better, but Barca just deserved to win.

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